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Gitter is a communication product for communities and teams on GitHub. Find out more at gitter.im.


Limited beta launch FTW!

Hello Exactly two weeks ago we posted a textbook lean startup product page thing on HackerNews. The response was pretty sweet, we had thousands of people letting us know they were interested in a chat product built around GitHub. Even in meatspace around Silicon Roundabout people were excited about the concept. 10 days of solid coding later and today we are launching our limited beta. We still have a bunch of features to build and some…

The journey begins

What a remarkable few days it has been. Last Friday we posted a lean product development site on Hacker News to see what sort of interest we would get in creating a chat product built around our favourite source repository, GitHub. We quickly shot to #1 on HN and over the course of a few hours recieved over 30,000 visits to gitter.im. The message was received loud and clear. On Monday we started full…