Mac all the things!

Yup, that's right, Gitter is now available as a Mac app!

The great thing about the app is that it provides notifications (through OSX's notification centre, naturally). This means that you don't need to have Gitter open in your browser to know there's new stuff.

The app also provides an unread badge on the dock icon as well as a menu bar icon, which allows you to quickly open a specific chat room. You can turn off the menu bar icon if you don't like it from the Gitter menu in the app.

What we like most about the app is that it provides Gitter with a home outside of the browser so that it's not lost amongst the bazillion tabs we constantly have open.

As with the whole of Gitter (we're only 3 weeks into coding!) the App is in Beta and we would love your feedback. Feel free to leave comments here, or hit the Support button (bottom right of Gitter).

Download the app here.

Bonus Feature

Did you know that you can also customise notifications per room. If you click on the settings cog in any room and choose "Notifications" you can make Gitter notify you only when somebody @ mentions you, or turn them off alltogether.

Mike Bartlett

Mike Bartlett

Mike is one of the founders at Gitter. He's mostly a product guy, but writes a bit of code, makes pixels and tea. Yes, he also has a beard.

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