Introducing Gitter Topics

We all 💜 a good chat - but do you ever feel there’s a little something missing from the conversation? We've decided to fill this gap, and over the coming weeks we’re enabling a new feature - Topics.

Topics brings more structured conversations and content to your community. You can use it for forum-like questions and answers, FAQs that allow users to interact and discuss together - or whatever else you like! Whenever you've got something to announce to your community, you can create posts with all the same markdown power as in Gitter’s chat rooms. We’ve tried to keep it pretty flexible so you can bring your community together in one place.

We’d love to invite you to the private beta of Topics. If you’d like to take part, just pop over here to join the waiting list.

Have a sneak peek...

Topics sit alongside your community. Use them for Q&As, FAQs, announcements, documentation, and much more.

Easily add new topics, categorize them, and add tags for better organization. Just like Gitter chat, Topics have markdown power, allowing you to embed code, video and more.

Watch topics and replies that interest you the most and get notified about the new activity. “Like” comments and replies, and find out about the most popular questions, answers and articles.

Test Topics with us!

Remember to sign up here to test Topics, and visit GitterHQ to let us know what you think.

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