Join the Dark Side

Today we are rolling out some changes to our UI. For those that haven't already played with it, you'll notice it's very white. We appreciate that a lot of developers like working in darker environments and so we've introduced a dark theme.

Dark Theme

In order to enable the new theme go to the Profile menu - click on your display picture in the top right section and toggle Dark Theme.

Profile Menu

Try it out for yourself.

The new UI includes improvements to the All Conversations view, which now has an indicator for unread messages and is the best place to find all of your chats.

All Conversations

Your list of communities is now in a more readable format under the My Communities icon:

My Communities

You can also add shortcut links to communitunies by dragging them from the My Communities view onto the menu bar on the left, or by starring them in the same view.

​We hope you'll enjoy this new look. Feel free to pop by GitterHQ and let us know what you think!

Mike Bartlett

Mike Bartlett

Mike is one of the founders at Gitter. He's mostly a product guy, but writes a bit of code, makes pixels and tea. Yes, he also has a beard.

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