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Vuvuzela and some of its many meanings by Jimmy Baikovicius

You've always been able to individually @mention your teammates in Gitter chat rooms, but today we're rolling out a new feature where you'll be able to @mention everyone in the room using @/all.


In order to keep the noise down, in repo rooms we're only allowing contributors to use @/all. In org rooms, any user can use @/all to get the attention of their entire team.

In addition to /all, in future, we'll also be adding support for GitHub team mentions, so you'll be able to mention a specific team, like @/qa or @/devops.

As always, please let us know in gitterHQ/gitter, on Twitter @gitchat or via support if you have any comments.

Happy chatting!

Andrew Newdigate

Andrew Newdigate

Andrew is a cofounder and the CTO of Gitter. He's from Cape Town in South Africa and lives in London in the UK with his wife and two young kids.

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